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Deeper Africa Ugandan Safari Guide
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The Best Guides

When you See Through the Eyes of a Great Guide, You have a Great Safari.

Premier wildlife viewing is not just about being in the right place, at the right time.  Those things matter, but more important is working with guides who have unique talents and wisdom about wildlife. These are treasured skills, often passed down from father to son. 

The shapes off in the distance that turn into elephants, the rustle in the underbrush that signals a leopard moving, the glistening of cheetah spots moving through the long grass towards a herd of gazelle, and the distinct sound of a zebra barking. Our guides act as teachers and mentors unlocking a new way of seeing, hearing, and exploring the world. It is a joy to be in their company. 
Our internal credentialing process ensures that you are working with the top guides in each country.  We encourage you to speak directly with prior guests.  They will all mention the quality and character of the guides on our team.      

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