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Great predator viewing on safari in Namiri Plains Serengeti Tanzania
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Health and Safety Briefings

Extensive Pre-Trip Briefings and Materials That Help you Travel in Health and Safety.

After booking your safari you’ll receive Deeper Africa's guide book which includes information about health and safety issues concerning your travel in Africa. Deeper Africa gives you health checklists and questions to ask your doctor.  We provide up-to-date information from the United States Center for Disease Control about traveling in Africa.
Questions about vaccinations or malaria before you leave for safari?  We are available by phone to discuss these important health issues.  Pre-departure briefings prepare you with safe practices that will maximize your safety and security in Africa.  We give you detailed instructions on local laws, customs, and safari practices, so that you will know what to expect at all times. For added convenience, we give you phone and email contacts you can leave with friends and family at home to assure access if they need to reach you.