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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Travel with Us?

Why travel with Deeper Africa?

There are at least four reasons you should come with us:

Our Experience

We specialize in travel in a small number of countries; just Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. This specialization has given us opportunities to make contacts that give you privileged access to places you'd never find on your own. We know these countries and travel in them regularly. You are welcomed as a guest by our native guides, by the lodges we frequent, and by the camps we support.

Our People

We are committed to employing local people to the maximum extent possible. We pay our people well and, just as important, we provide them with training and involve them in our company. They are trusted partners in providing our guests with the best safari experience available in Africa.

Our Values

Ethical tourism is one of the cornerstones of our company. Deeper Africa is committed to travel that provides exciting opportunities for our guests while enriching lives and protecting habitats in Africa. We support micro-economic development projects within a number of countries. These programs allow our guests exclusive entry onto tribal lands and local people while giving them control over the way tourism is introduced in their community. Our programs open up rare opportunities for in-depth exchanges between western culture and traditional African cultures. Above all else we value conservation and the need to protect wild places.

Our Knowledge 

Education is another cornerstone of Deeper Africa. On our safaris, you learn by doing. It is a highly entertaining process of deepening discovery that we call Natural Learning and it's an integral part of every one of our safaris. As our guides teach you to spot and identify game and track animals, you begin to see with new eyes. You become more curious and observant about animal behaviors, and you begin to understand how all the pieces of the ecosystem fit together. In addition, we can also arrange your safari to give you special access to amazing people who know Africa's depths: researchers, directors of Non-Governmental Organizations “NGOs,” tribal councils, and camp owners. At Deeper Africa we want you to come away with a deeper understanding of this astonishing landscape.

Can you provide me with a reference from someone who has traveled with Deeper Africa?

Absolutely. Some of our guests have volunteered to speak with potential travelers, so just let us know if you would like the telephone number or email address of a past guest. We also have several children who have volunteered to speak with other kids or with parents about our Family Safaris. Feel free to read some of our reviews.