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Frequently Asked Questions:

Pricing and Booking

I’m interested but I need more information. What’s my next step?

You can call us at our marketing and sales office in Boulder, Colorado, USA at 888-658-7102 or 303-415-2574. Or send us an email at  

There are a couple of ways to travel with us:

  • You can book a Suggested Itinerary from our brochure or website. These trips offer the convenience of a pre-set itinerary, fixed price, and private guide and Land Cruiser, with flexible scheduling. Click through on our Adventures page to find each one of our suggested itineraries.  Travel dates are up to you.
  • You can book into a Group Departure trip that fits your interests and your schedule, joining a small group of travelers. Look at the Small Group page for more information about our Group Departures.  A Group Departure trip gives you the convenience of a fixed price and a pre-set itinerary.
  • Or work with us to develop a totally customized itinerary and schedule. Custom safaris are not necessarily more expensive than Group Departures. Pricing for custom safaris depends on how you set up the safari. We are enthusiastically open to side trips, detours, special needs, and special plans.

What do trip prices include?

  • Full board and lodging in hotels, lodges, tented camps, mobile tented camps, or bush camps - as specified in your itinerary
  • All meals
  • All your park and game reserves fees, including conservation fees
  • Unlimited game drives in our safari Land Cruisers or Land Rovers– window seat guaranteed
  • All airport pick-up and transfers while in-country
  • All in-country transportation as specified in your itinerary, whether by vehicle or bush plane
  • One of our experienced and professional Safari Naturalist Guides
  • Access to additional research experts and experts from various camps as specified in your itinerary
  • Active adventures including horseback riding, biking, walking safaris, boating, and rafting as specified in your itinerary
  • Excursions, as specified in your itinerary
  • Unlimited bottled water in our safari vehicles
  • Beverages in mobile tented camps and bush camps 
  • Enrollment in flight for life evacuation services
  • Pre-departure materials including guide book with health information and reading list, safari journal, and map
  • Extensive pre-departure briefings and someone available by phone to answer your questions
  • Laundry available at some lodges and camps

What is not included in the trip price?

  • International Airfare
  • Passport and Visa Fees
  • Gratuities
  • Alcoholic beverages at some camps
  • Telephone, facsimile, or wifi charges or other items of a personal nature

How does Deeper Africa’s trip pricing work?

Our safaris have no hidden costs. We don’t quote you a low price and then tell you that you also have to pay your park fees, or that in-country transportation is extra. When we quote you a price for your safari it includes almost everything while you are in-country. The few items not included such as gratuities, passport and visa fees, and alcoholic beverages, are set forth above.

Our safari prices range over a wide scale. The variations in pricing result from a number of factors which include:

  • The number of people traveling in the group - economies of scale result in lower pricing for four or five people traveling together as opposed to pricing for a couple traveling alone.
  • Whether your in-country transportation is by bush plane or Land Cruiser
  • Whether you want to participate in activities like horseback riding, ballooning, bicycling, canoeing, bird watching, walking safaris, or rafting
  • Whether you choose to stay in lodges or smaller tented camps
  • How remote you want to go
  • Whether you want to have visits with resident experts
  • Whether you want to participate in walking safaris that involve remote bush camps - the logistics of moving gear around for a walking safari with numerous bush camps is more complicated and costly than a safari that involves simply staying at a lodge.
  • Whether you want to meet and participate in some of the community groups we support

We can work with you to bring your safari within your budget range.  Many of our adventures have Suggested Itineraries, but you can vary them as you want. Let us know what your budget is and we will do our best to design a safari that gives you the experiences you want within the budget you set. The high quality of our safaris doesn't allow us to compete with budget operators, but we do believe that we can give you a great safari within a price range you will feel comfortable with.

If I want to travel with Deeper Africa can you find me a roommate or can I have a private room?

You can always have a private room.  African hotels, lodges, and camps charge a single supplement for private rooms. The single supplement charge is set forth at the bottom of the pricing for each of our suggested itenaries. If you join one of our Group Departures we will do our best to fit you together with another same sex guest traveling alone.

How far in advance do I need to book?

There is no cutoff. However, flights into Africa are limited and we find that there can be problems getting seats if you try to schedule less than two months ahead of time. Peak seasons also book up as far as nine months to one year ahead of time.  Outside of peak seasons, you should have no trouble booking if you schedule your safari at least six months in advance. 

Finally, while it is prudent to plan ahead, we always advise people to try to obtain bookings when they find an opportunity to travel - even on relatively short notice. We are often successful with only one to two months notice as long as our guests have some flexibility on dates.