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Long Shields Lion Guardians 


The Long Shields Lion Guardians program, part of the Hwange Lion Research Project,  is an initiative that creates a link between lion conservation efforts in Hwange National Park and the local communities who live near the park. These communities can often come into conflict with the lions that roam near their schools and villages, or threaten their cattle. The Lion Guardians are locals who monitor wildlife populations and alert herdsmen when a lion is nearby, allowing them to keep livestock safe. They also use vuvuzela horns and drums to frighten the lion off so they stay away from communities. As part of our Zimbabwe Conservation and Culture safari, Deeper Africa guests will be able to meet with the project and learn more about their work to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Click here to learn more about the Hwange Lion Research Project and the Long Shields Guardians or donate to the cause.

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WILDCRU Boma & Guardians from Sugarstone on Vimeo.