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On safari visiting Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Nairobi Kenya
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Sheldrick Animal Orphanage

Passing through Nairobi on your safari? Visit the Sheldrick Animal Orphanage, meet the elephant keepers, and learn about Daphne Sheldrick’s ground breaking work with orphaned elephants.

Sheldrick’s orphanage receives elephant orphans from all over Kenya who have lost their mothers, often due to ivory poaching. You can meet the Sheldrick orphans either at a public viewing, at a sponsor’s visit, or in private having time alone with the young ones and their keepers. Emotional bonds are crucial to survival in elephant society and Sheldrick seeks to raise the elephants in ways that mirror maternal care in the wild. The orphans live at the Orphanage in Nairobi National Park until they are two to three years old. When they reach that age they are transferred out to stockades in Tsavo National Park where they begin to learn how to be wild, still having the comfort of a keeper and a regular bed in the stockade. Each elephant returns to the wild at their own pace, but they are integrated into the wild communities by the age of ten.

Rearing an infant elephant is an expensive and long-term commitment. Consider sponsoring one of the Sheldrick orphans and contribute to this amazing conservation work.

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