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Sea Sense protecting endangered green and hawksbill sea turtles on Mafia Island Tanzania

Sea Sense

The Swahili Coast waters and beaches are home to endangered marine species including sea turtles, whales, dolphins, and whale sharks. Over a quarter of the Tanzanian population live in the coastal zone and rely solely on marine resources for their livelihoods. Due to this ongoing pressure, some marine species, particularly sea turtles and dugongs, are critically endangered in Tanzania.

Sea Sense has a ‘grass-roots’ approach to conservation and has recruited and trained a network of over sixty Conservation Officers who act as ‘ambassadors for conservation’ in their village and serve as a vital link between Sea Sense and the wider community. Sea Sense operates in six coastal districts, covering about a third of the Tanzanian coastline. So far, over 230 nests had been protected and over 10,000 sea turtle hatchlings had safely reached the sea. Levels of nest poaching in Sea Sense communities reduced dramatically from 80% to less than 2%.

Consider adopting a sea turtle nest.