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Disabled people gain skills and employment at Shanga Project in Arusha Tanzania


• The Shanga Project, based in Arusha, Tanzania is at the forefront of sustainability and empowering community programs. Waste management and recycling are enormous challenges facing Tanzania and other developing countries. Shanga has developed a way to be part of the solution while at the same time providing important job skills and opportunities to those who might otherwise be marginalized by disabilities.

• The Shanga Project workshop creates beautiful and unique crafts and jewelry out of recycled materials, including used wine bottles that come from safari camps. The workshop employs 56 disabled Tanzanians.

• The Shanga shop and main workshop is at Traders Walk at Arusha Coffee Lodge.

• The Pink Balloon program helps deaf and mentally disabled children by supporting the silent heroes who run the special needs programs in the poorest of Tanzanian schools.

All income from the Shanga workshop, goes toward keeping materials that can be recycled out of the waste stream, while providing job opportunities to deserving disabled Tanzanians.

Deeper Africa guests get a behind-the-scenes look at Shanga's innovative programs and have the opportunity meet its wonderful employees.

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