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BEADS for Education

The mission of BEADS for Education is to improve the status of women in Kenya through girl's education and business development.  Since 1993, BEADS has been working with women's beading groups sponsoring the education of girls in the Kajiado District of Kenya. 

BEADS Accomplishments to Date: 
  • 6 college graduations
  • 27 college students, including a medical school student, veterinarian, CPA, teachers, and tourism professionals 
  • 40 eighth-grade graduations
  • 20 high school graduations
  • 320 sponsored girls in total, ranging in education from fourth grade through college.

Most of the BEADS girls are the first in their families and communities to complete elementary school.  Visiting the sponsored girls, their schools, and their families is a unique experience. You will feel very welcomed. 

BEADS for Education developed the Dupoto Women's Group, a co-op of over 25 women who support more than 125 children through the sale and profit of their traditional beadwork.  Each woman has a girl whose education is sponsored by BEADS for Education.  The Dupoto Women's Group are mothers, sisters, and aunts working to provide better life opportunities for their girls.

BEADS for Education has designed a special day for Deeper Africa guests.  Visit the the Dupoto Women's Project, the sponsored girls, their school, and their Maasai homes. You will visit one of  the homes of the Dupoto Women’s Project members to see traditional Maasai living.  The reception that you receive is unforgettable.  Your visit with the Dupoto Women’s Project will help create more sponsorships for local Maasai girls – providing a remarkable and inspiring experience for you and a brighter future for Maasai girls.

Deeper Africa makes a charitable donation on each guest's behalf.  Your charitable contribution supports BEADS efforts to provide education for Kenyan girls and promote business development for Kenyan women in the Isinya and Amboseli regions of Kenya.  This is not a tourist experience, but an in-depth connection between our Deeper Africa guests and traditional Kenyan women and girls.  

Agnes Papatiti from BEADS for Education was selected to participate in the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.  Agnes, who is a gifted beader, joined 100 selected folk artists from over 40 countries displaying and selling traditional Kenyan Maasai beadwork.  See Agnes Papatiti of BEADS for Education in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA at

Entito at Market Beads Display Folk Art Market Beading Entito and Patrick in Santa Fe

Visit BEADS’ website and order traditional beaded projects at