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"I always wanted to go to Africa, so when I heard about Deeper Africa, I just said, “Sign me up.” I knew a little bit about the region before the trip, but I didn’t really have an itinerary in mind. I just left that totally in their hands because I knew it was going to be wonderful. But even so, it exceeded my expectations...

Every day there were things that amazed me. You're out in the bush seeing nature as it unfolds, seeing the animals, lingering to watch and understand their behavior. You learn about the migration, the symbiotic relationship between the zebra and the wildebeest, and it's amazing to see them in such huge numbers.

...And every night since I’ve been home, I’ve dreamed of Africa, and that has never happened to me before. It has remained vividly in my subconscious. This is an experience that has impacted me in ways I’ve never been touched before. I would go again in a heartbeat."

Brenda Tam

Portland, Oregon

Kenya and Tanzania Safari

13-Day Wildlife Safari: 13 Days in Country, 12 Nights in Country
  • Wildlife Viewing In Tanzania:  Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park
  • Wildlife Viewing In Kenya:  Chyulu Hills National Park, Maasai Mara Game Reserve
  • Types of Transportation:  Land Cruiser, Bush Plane
  • Activities Included:  Land Cruiser Wildlife Viewing, Walking Safaris, Bird Watching, Nighttime Wildlife Viewing
  • Cultural Experiences Included: Shanga Project, Tribal Visits on the Kuku Group Ranch 
  • Additional Options Available: Ballooning, Bicycling, Canoeing, Bush Flight Near Kilimanjaro 
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Trip Overview

Just in case you come but once to this amazing continent, take the time to become acquainted with its traditional safari lands. This safari gives you an unhurried taste of the region that sprawls along the border between Tanzania and Kenya – all one kingdom to the herds that migrate back and forth across it. This journey is beautifully balanced between observation and activity, luxury and adventure. All accommodations are upscale, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time in the wild.

Begin your safari in some of the most equisite natural locations in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit. Experience the tree climbing lions of Lake Manyara, the “Big Five” in Ngorongoro Crater, and the elephant rich Tarangire National Park.

Cross the border and find yourself in the majestic Chyulu Hills, home to Campi ya Kanzi, a recognized leader in community development tourism. You'll learn about the way this community has chosen to save their wildlife and their wilderness including the Simba Project, which ensures that Maasai people who have cattle taken by lions are reimbursed. Conclude your journey on the sprawling savannas of the Maasai Mara where the migration takes center stage. With a rich mix of accommodation and locations, this journey takes you far beyond tourist experiences to show you an Africa that will steal your heart.


Machweo - Arusha
The Highlands Ngorongoro Conserv. Area

Oliver’s Camp - Tarangire National Park

Campi ya Kanzi - Chyulu Hills National Park

Rekero Camp - Maasai Mara Game Reserve

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The Hunt for Medals, not Lions: 
Conservation through Sport