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Lion in Serengeti National Park

Deeper Tanzania

10-Day Wildlife Safari: 10 days, 9 Nights in Tanzania 
• Wildlife Viewing in Tanzania: Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park
• Types of Transportation: Land Cruiser, Bush Plane
Safari Activities Included:  Land Cruiser Wildlife Viewing, Walking Safaris, Nighttime Wildlife Viewing, Oldupai Gorge Visit, Frankfurt Zoological Society Cheetah Researcher Lecture

Trip Overview

In the cool morning air, just after the sun has risen, the savanna lands of Northern Tanzania come alive. Colorful lilac-breasted rollers sing their songs as herds of zebra wake to graze on the green grasses. Lions survey the plains from rocky outcrops, while leopards stalk through the bush. Hyenas cackle. A herd of elephants, heading down to the watering hole for a drink, may cross right in front of your vehicle.

Experience a richer taste of the quintessential Tanzanian safari, as you travel through the three great national parks that make up Tanzania’s world famous Northern Circuit. Begin in Tarangire National Park – known as the place of elephants – before making your way to Ngorongoro Crater where countless species are easily spotted in the short grasses at the bottom of the Crater. Finally, conclude your journey in the Serengeti where big cats are king and wildebeest roam across the plains. Embrace the majesty and calm of the wilderness, while being comfortable in stylish camps and lodges.


Machweo- Arusha

Little Oliver's Camp - Tarangire Nat'l Park

Gibb's Farm - Ngorongoro Conservation

Namiri Plains Camp - Serengeti Nat'l Park

Lake Masek Tented Camp - Serengeti Nat'l Park
Sayari Camp - Serengeti Nat'l Park

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National Geographic Adventure Magazine chose Deeper Africa as one of the Top 10 Safari Outfitters on Earth.