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Namibia Explorer Safari

9 Days, 8 Nights in Country
Wildlife Viewing in Namibia: N/a'an ku se Reserve, Skeleton Coast National Park, Hoanib Valley, Etosha Heights Private Reserve
Types of Transportation: Land Cruiser, Bush Flight
Activities Included: Wildlife Viewing, Walking Safari, Beach Combing, Shipwreck Visit, Elephant Tracking, Dune Drives, Desert Botanical Walks, Stargazing, Cultural Experiences, Night Wildlife Viewing,  
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Trip Overview

Bound by water, sculpted by wind, Namibia is a country where the play of light and color across the dunes inspires silent awe. Plants and animals have evolved to thrive in this land of raw, rugged beauty where humans are few and far between. This active adventure is an eye-popping introduction to one of the world’s ecological wonders and a piece of Africa few Americans have seen. Cross the oldest desert on earth. Marvel at wildlife sustained by a blanket of morning fog—formed as trade winds drive the icy Benguela Current from Antarctica towards rising desert heat. Gaze at some of the darkest night skies ablaze with stars. Sip an icy drink at day’s end and tap sand that was here 50 million years before humankind, out of your shoes.


N/a'an ku se Lodge

Shipwreck Lodge

Hoanib Valley Camp

Safarihoek Lodge

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