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Lowland Gorillas

9 Day Gorilla Trekking Safari: 8 days, 7 Nights in The Republic of Congo
Gorilla Trekking in The Republic of Congo: Odzala National Park
Types of Transportation: Land Cruiser, Water Craft
Activities Included: Gorilla Trekking, Mountain Biking, Night Walks, Stream Bathing, Kayak Safari, Boat Cruise
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Trip Overview

At first, all you see is the deep green leaves towering over your head. Then the jungle shudders with cracking wood and bending trees. Something massive is crashing your way. A silverback barges into your path and gives you a look. It could be Neptuno, a bold but friendly leader with an authoritative air. Or Jupiter, who is more of the strong silent type. Soon, you’re surrounded by western lowland gorillas—one of two groups habituated to a quiet, respectful human presence. Young mothers nuzzle babies. Bashful juveniles peek from the foliage, while the more outgoing perform aerial acrobatics, glancing often to gauge your appreciation.

This is your own private Africa. An adventure on foot, a ramble through primeval landscapes few have seen. The thrill of being here is deepened by the knowledge that your visit helps save these magnificent creatures and the future of their pristine rainforest home.


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