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Guest Comment

"There are no roads on Lamu, no cars.  To get about you ride a boat, ride a bike, ride a donkey, or you walk. I found Lamu restful, yet stimulating. 

Quiet and unhurried, it was ever-tempting to just laze in a hammock, rocked by the ocean breeze. Yet the lure of exploration was never far away. Coral reefs, sand dunes, empty beaches, ancient Swahili ruins, wooden boats, and a medieval castle beckoned me for just one more adventure."

Wil Smith

Owner of Deeper Africa
Boulder, Colorado

Legends of Lamu

5-Day Swahili Coast Adventure: 5 Days, 4 Nights in Country
  • Types of Transportation:  Bush Plane, Dhow Sailing Boat
  • Activities  Included:  Beach, Swimming, Exploring Town, Local Wildlife Viewing
  • Additional Experiences Available:  Kayaking, Snorkeling, Fishing, Dhow Sailing, Wind Surfing, Visit to the Swahili House Museum, Exploring the Takwa and Shanga Ruins, Visit to the dhow-making village of Matondoni, Visit to the old Siyu Fort on Pate Island
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Trip Overview

Escape the crowds of tourists, and the hustle of busy city life, for the island of Lamu, Kenya. The islands of the Lamu Archipelago offer miles of uncluttered shoreline. Wander along the warm sand, laze in a beach chair, swim in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, or sail along the coast at sunset in a traditional dhow.

Lamu’s adherence to ancient traditions gives it the feel of a place frozen in time. The narrow, winding streets accommodate only pedestrians and donkeys. Lamu Town is still built in the in the old style, with walls of plaster mixed with the lime and coral sand, polished smooth, with ornate latticework in the windows. 

There is no motorized traffic on the island. Lamu is Kenya’s oldest standing Swahili town. Famous for its Swahili architecture, Lamu is so perfectly intact it has been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Lamu is a truly cosmopolitan culture -- the locals speak Swahili, the look of buildings and alleyways are distinctly Arab, and the pungent perfume of spices and curry evokes India. Its charm and character flow from centuries of loving care for its culture.


Lamu House - Lamu Island

Manda Bay - Manda Island

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