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The Snows of Kilimanjaro Tents on Mount Kilimanjaro climb
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The importance of doing it right. The pleasure of doing it well.

Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, is one of those challenges that calls out to serious trekkers and others who love the wild places of this world.  It is a giant triple volcano, a 19,304-foot, snow-covered peak towering over the African plains - a revered symbol of the continent.  We offer stunning treks up a less-traveled route, escorted by a full complement of skilled guides and porters using top equipment and full safety gear.  We pace the climb correctly, giving you time to acclimatize as you ascend.  And we provide you with in-depth briefing and training materials to help prepare you for the climb, regardless of your experience level. The result is a 98% summit success rate and the memory of a lifetime as you stand on the roof of Africa and look down at the plains through a veil of clouds. 

Mountaineering with a Conscience

We approach Kilimanjaro with the respect the mountain deserves.  Our treks are organized around our values.  We have deep respect for the land and people of Tanzania.  We don't scrimp on your dream; safety and quality are our top priority.  We believe this experience should be one of personal achievement and deepening discovery for our guests. 

We use Leave No Trace camping techniques. This means we pack out all debris. We use environmentally sound methods of waste disposal, and we adhere closely to all environmental regulations and guidelines.  If you've researched Kilimanjaro, you've heard stories about barefoot porters carrying heavy loads, wearing clothing ill suited to the conditions of the upper reaches of the mountain. Ethical tourism is one of the cornerstones of our company. Deeper Africa guides and porters carry manageable loads and receive good wages.

We make sure they are outfitted with good boots and proper equipment. And we supply them with comfortable and safe shelter and a proper diet of nutritious food. By hiring the best local guides, we give our guests the best possible experience on the mountain and enable our staff to build a better future for their families. Deeper Africa supports the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP).  Visit Deeper Africa's Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project Page and learn more about the ethical issues that should be considered by every person before committing to trek Kilimanjaro.

Up and Down Safe and Sound

We are generously and ably staffed, with a chief guide and assistant guide, with Wilderness First Responder rescue training. And we follow an exacting safety protocol, with a First Aid kit approved by the Wilderness Medicine Institute, and an oxygen tank available at all times as well as Gamow hyperbaric bags, the best field treatment for altitude sickness.  We use Eureka K2 XT dome tents, with two persons in a three-person tent to allow a little extra room for gear. All you carry is a light daypack, for easy access to camera, water and other personal items. And here's the best part. When you reach camp after a day on the trail, your tent is pitched and dinner is waiting.  Count on three hot meals a day, plenty of clean drinking water and lots of snacks. Nutritious, high-energy menus are adjusted to meet changing needs and tastes as we gain altitude. (And the food is really good.)

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