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On family safari vacation with Maasai in Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzania

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Travel is the Best Education

Suddenly, geography has a face with warm brown eyes. Social studies comes alive as a new friend from a different culture, and history carries the weight of human experience. Family safaris create a rich learning experience for young people, and everyone lucky enough to travel with them.

On safari, learning is a process of joyous discovery.  Food is familiar with many choices for picky eaters. Accommodations are selected for their family friendly environments. Your guide is your family's teacher, translator, tracker, and friend.

All of our family safaris offer these advantages: 

Kid-Friendly Accommodations

Accommodations for our family safaris are carefully chosen to take into account the needs of our young guests. Staff are friendly and attentive to special needs. 

Learning by Going and Doing

Our guides are highly skilled. In the first day or two, they simply notice the nature of each guest's awareness and curiosity. Their mission is to meet you where you are and help you grow in understanding, at a pace that is comfortable and pleasurable. This is education that feels like play. It is a central part of all our safaris.

Teachable Moments

Have you ever wished to travel with an expert at your elbow? On safari, learning is a process of joyous discovery. As you approach a herd of elephants, you may see the herd "circle the wagons" around the babies. This opens an opportunity to talk about the importance of babies to elephants as the future of their genes. "What are genes?" someone might ask.

Making it Personal 

We give you an advance reading list of materials that will awaken your curiosity and help you prepare for the safari. A separate list is provided for the children. In addition, we are in touch through several in-depth phone conversations. During these calls we address all questions and concerns you may have about itinerary, equipment, safety, weather, and accommodations. (Everyone always asks about showers and toilets. The answers are very reassuring). We like to include the children in at least one of these conversations. In addition, we give you a guide book with checklists to take on safari, so you can keep track of animals and birds you spot and where you find them.

A Rolling Library 

Each Land Cruiser is equipped with a set of reference books. When you identify a new animal, information is at your fingertips to supplement your guide's insights. Vehicles also carry a full set of maps. During daily orientations, your guide uses these to show you where you're going and where you've been.

Wilderness Mentors

The strong bond that forms between travelers and guides is forged day by day on a journey of discovery. Your guide is your ears and eyes. For kids, it is an exciting opportunity to become friends with someone from another country. With one guide to every four or five travelers, you get to know each other well.

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