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Feeding time at Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Nairobi Kenya

Elephant Walk Safari

8 Day Wildlife Safari: 8 Days, 7 Nights in country
  • Wildlife viewing in Kenya: Nairobi National Park, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo West National Park
  • Types of Transportation:  Land Cruiser, Bush Plane
  • Active Options Available: Walking Safaris
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Trip Overview

Ivory wars are raging in East Africa’s ecosystems, and a baby elephant does not survive long without a mother. Our Elephant Walk Safari is Deeper Africa’s effort to support the majestic creatures who have so much to teach our species about “leadership . . . survival, and about some of the concepts that are not supposed to be applied to animals: patience, loyalty, love, and joy.” [Cynthia Moss, Founder of Amboseli Elephant Research Project] This safari strives to expand human horizons of knowledge about the natural world by allowing in-depth observation and communication with elephants.

You'll journey first to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Orphanage in Nairobi National Park to meet some of the young elephant orphans and their human caretakers. Sheldrick brings in orphaned elephant babies from all over Kenya. Elephants are very emotional creatures, and this program seeks to raise them for several years in a warm and nurturing environment where they can learn from their human caretakers and from each other. As part of the safari, you will choose an elephant to sponsor and then have the chance to meet with your adopted orphan on a private visit while in Nairobi.

From Nairobi, you'll journey into the wild lands of Southern Kenya for a visit to the Amboseli Elephant Research Project at the Moss Research Station and elephant viewing in Amboseli National Park. Finally, you'll spend three days wildlife viewing and observing Sheldrick's reintroduction program both at the Voi and Ithumba stockades. At about age three, Sheldrick moves the elephants from Nairobi National Park into the wilds of Tsavo East National Park. In Tsavo, you'll observe and assist with the juvenile elephants and be able to watch the wild herds that the orphans join. Southern Kenya's reserves have diverse wildlife so you will have plenty of time to track and observe Tsavo's other big finds including buffalo, lions, and cheetah. 


Ole Sereni- Nairobi

Tawi Lodge - Amboseli National Park

Ithumba Camp - Tsavo East National Park

Satao Camp - Tsavo East National Park

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